Working in the community to promote the art of bell ringing.


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Bells for English style change ringing are mounted with a wheel attached to the axle on which the bell rotates.  A rope around this wheel lets the ringer swing the bell through a full circle


Click on the image to the right to see what happens when we ring a bell "full circle".  We start with the bell mouth up and pull on the fluffy bit (sallie) for what we call the "hand stroke".  After the bell rotates almost 360 degrees we pull on the end of the rope to accomplish the "back stroke".  

The clapper actually hits the leading edge of the bell just before it becomes vertical and then rests on that edge.  On larger bells it can take about two seconds between strikes of the bell.


While the bell is “on balance” with the mouth of the bell at the top the ringer can control the speed, holding it on balance for a fraction of a second to allow another bell to ring before it.