Hereford Ringing Course 2023

Hereford Ringing Course

A three day course: Thursday 13th – Sunday 16th April, 2023

Royal National College, Venns Lane, Hereford

Prices: Resident: £265 plus meals —meal prices unavailable until February
Basic (non-resident, no meals) : £100 Individual meals may be ordered as required.

    • Groups ranging from Rounds and Calls to Surprise Major
      • New Treble Dodging Minor group
      • Surprise Major group focusing on the new ‘core 7’
    • 6 Practical sessions
    • Additional opportunities to practice
      • Raise and Fall
      • Conducting
      • Listening and timing
      • Handbells (change ringing and tunes)

For more information, a full programme and application form visit
Or contact the course secretary enclosing a self addressed stamped envelope:

Alison Moreton
1 Silcoates Drive

Closing date for applications is 31st January, 2023

Please join the Hereford Course Facebook group if you would like to keep in touch with our activities.