St Andrews Place Doubles on St Andrews Day at St Andrews church, Allensmore

It was only a whim, a silly idea
St Andrews Day, end of November
Last year was a peal, not done before
300 years to remember.

Les said, “a method, one we don’t know
Is there something relates to Saint Andy?”
Google came up with St Andrews Place Doubles
Well, that looks just fine and dandy

How hard can it be not even a dodge
But what’s this, 3 places in lead?
And look at the back, all those places to make
Success is not guaranteed

Saturday practice is called for, with coffee and cake
Including the odd sausage roll
Bells clashed straight away, “you’re all wrong” was the call
No, this won’t be a stroll

But gradually it came, the start was well practiced!
Then Nick said let’s call a touch
Back to square one, all over the place
Not sure I like this too much

But with thanks to the band, it all came together
Nick, Nick, Lesley and Vicky
Carol and Steve joined in with it too
… and our support team, Paul, Alan and Libby

St Andrews Place mugAt the end of it all, enormous relief!
We all need a great big team hug
And to remember the day, just one thing to say:
“Well and truly a St Andrews Place MUG!”

Nick Chapman, Nov 2023

The band: 1. Carol Williams, 2. Vicky Rees (c), 3. Lesley Meredith, 4.Nick Cooper-Tomkins, 5. Nick Chapman, 6. Steve Williams

Link to Bellboard is here

You can download the blue line and ringing notes for St Andrews Place doubles here