Leysters, St Andrew's


District: Leominster
Number of Bells: 3
Tenor Weight: 4-2-0
Access: Parking is available at the end of the church path, and the church entrance is on the south side of the building.
Ground Floor ring
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Notes: This ring of three are just about ringable, and go well. The bells are far from tuneful, each being about a semitone apart.

 • Nearest Postcode: HR6 0HW
 • What3Words: ///infects.punctuate.went

Bell Weight Note Nominal Diameter (cm) Date Founder
1 3-0-0 E 1278.5 63.5 1450 Richard le Belyetere, Worcester
2 3-3-0 D# 1229.5 69.2 1804 John Rudhall, Gloucester
3 4-2-0 C# 1106.5 71.8 1410 Medieval Worcester Foundry

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