Working in the community to promote the art of bell ringing.


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OK I am biased, but ringing is a great activity.


There are about 5 000 towers in the world with bells hung for the peculiarly British style of change ringing which developed in the seventeenth century.


The 40 000 or so people in the UK who ring these bells

Ringers come from all walks of life, and are mostly (not exclusively) between the ages of 10 and 80.  To be a ringer needs no special musical ability, and you don’t have to go to church services although lots of ringers are Christians.


New  ringers are always made welcome.  Contact me -

Colin Ward - phone 01684891428, or email  admin@hdgb.org to find out where you can visit a tower near you and have a go!

Video of some ringing


Click this bell to find out more about change ringing